Top 10 Ways To Get Cheap Car Insurance Rates – Part 1

Car insurance is a very necessary, but also expensive part of owning and driving an automobile. There is no telling when you might find yourself in an auto accident, so you have to be prepared with reliable auto insurance coverage. But there is no reason that the coverage you get has to be any more costly than absolutely necessary. Here are ten ways that you get cheap car insurance rates and still maintain great coverage at the same time:1. It really goes without saying that the better driving record you have, the cheaper your car insurance rates will be. But some folks just don’t seem to get that. Constantly speeding and driving recklessly will not only put you at a much higher risk of hurting yourself and others in an auto accident, but it also will eventually lead to your paying a much higher car insurance rate as the traffic citations mount. So slow down and drive carefully to save money.2. Shop around thoroughly to get cheap car insurance rates. There is absolutely no reason that the average person cannot get several auto insurance quotes quickly and easily today because of the internet. You really don’t even have to pick up the phone and make any calls to do it these days. Just log on and search for car insurance quotes in your favorite search engine, and go down the list provided getting as many quotes as you can. Just be sure to choose from the best and highest rated insurance companies, and avoid newcomers that haven’t been around long enough to establish much of a record yet.3. Shop for insurance before you buy your car. Unfortunately many have not done this and suddenly find out that the car they just bought that they can barely afford will now cost them even more because it raises their car insurance rates significantly. Remember that auto insurers base their rate calculations on many things and some of them have nothing to do with you and your driving record. For instance, they consider the sticker price of the vehicle, how costly it is to repair, how prone to theft it is, and so forth. So before you buy, make sure you know how any car purchase that you make will affect your car insurance rates and avoid those vehicles with rates that are out of your price range.4. Raise your deductible. The deductible of a policy is the amount that you agree to pay out of pocket for each claim that is made. The more that you agree to pay, the less risk that poses for the insurance company and therefore the lower rates you can enjoy. However, just make sure that you don’t exceed the amount that you actually can pay in the case of a claim.5. If your car is older you may consider eliminating collision coverage that pays to repair your vehicle if it is in an accident. If the car’s value is very low, you will most likely be paying for more insurance than you really need, and eliminating this part of your coverage could result in serious savings on your car insurance bill. Of course, in this case if the car is ruined in an accident you will most likely have to buy another one. Just check out the worth of your car at and decide for yourself whether this makes sense for you or not.Be sure to read through Part 2 of this article to find out what the next 5 tips for getting cheap car insurance rates is.

3 Ways to Reduce Your Motor Trade Insurance

Before we look at ways motor traders can possibly save money on their insurance premiums, it is first perhaps worth looking at what type of motor trade insurance is currently available.There are two main types of motor trade policy, the first of which is road risks only. A Road risks policy, as the name suggests, simply covers vehicles when they are being used on a public road. This cover is actually a legal requirement under the road traffic act and road risks only policies are favoured by motor traders without premises and who perhaps trade from home.A more common type of insurance policy is a combined motor trade insurance policy and this as the name suggests includes a variety of covers and is more suited to those businesses in the auto industry with premises and employees. As well as a road risks section a combined policy can include cover for material damage, contents, buildings, stock as well as cover including public and employees liability.So if these are main types of motor trade policy available, what are the 3 ways in which to save money? One way to reduce your premiums could be to look at what your current policy covers you for and reviewing whether the level of cover you have is correct. In some cases motor traders end up paying for cover they do not actually need and by asking your current broker to review your risk you can very often reduce your premiums accordingly.Another way to reduce your premiums is extremely simple but very few motor traders actually do it. Top tip number 2 is therefore to ask your current provider if they can get a lower premium. Some insurance providers will simply renew existing ipolicies without doing the leg work of searching each year for the very best deal. If you receive your renewal terms and you are not happy with how it compares to what you paid last year you should therefore ask your broker or company what else they can do.The final way to reduce your motor trade insurance premiums is to actually consider changing to a different provider. Whilst staying loyal to a service provider is important to many people, the fact is there is an extremely good chance of paying less for your motor trade insurance premiums if you decide to place your business with a motor trade specialist or broker. The reason for this is that motor trade insurance brokers will most likely have specialist policies and rates that are simply unavailable from your current broker..If you work in the motor trade and are therefore looking to reduce the amount you pay for your combined motor trade policy, follow these 3 very easy but highly effective tips and make sure you reduce your motor trade insurance in the coming year and beyond.

Automotive Attorney to Repair Your Problems

Automotive industry has a great effect on the world economy. There are many production and service industries which support this industry. There has been a major increase in the number of automobiles in the past decade. Therefore, the repair shops have also increased. Many issues can arise during repair and thus there is a need for an automotive attorney.IssuesSome of the major issues can include protection of intellectual property and safety concerns. The clients for an automotive defense attorney can include suppliers of component parts, domestic and foreign companies, original equipment manufacturers, automotive trade associations, and consulting firms. Whether the clients are facing regulation, litigation, prevention and counseling, or legislation there is a lawyer to help them.These lawyers are well-versed with different case scenarios and have vast experience in representing clients who are dealers, suppliers, or trade groups. A defense lawyer will be able to serve the interests of all the repair facilities and technicians. Clients prefer attorneys who have a familiarity and understanding of the common issues that repair shops and technicians usually have to deal with.What Does the Law Say?According to the Automotive Repair Act, there are certain rights for the consumers. It is advisable that the repair shops and technicians should know and understand these laws first before they approach a Bureau of Automotive Repair attorney. The Required Disclosures law says that the repair shops must furnish the client with a written estimate. The estimate should include price charged for parts, diagnostic test, and labor. It should also include details like date, duration, and odometer reading. The price should be charged according to used or new parts used. A statement should be there to show if the repair is actually needed or whether it is only recommended.The repair shops and technicians should know that the consumers have a right to a written estimate. It can either be an itemized or a non-itemized estimate. However, an automotive attorney can tell the client that sometimes the consumers may not want an estimate. They can just ask the shop to do the repairs but the total cost should not exceed the amount set by them. In that case, the technician can get this written and signed from the consumer in case of any issues that may arise later. A customer also has a right to a copy of invoice. The invoice is an itemized list of the price of parts and labor, total price, warranties, and the odometer reading.The technicians should know that they are prohibited from asserting lien charges for any unauthorized repairs. Consumers have the right to pick up a vehicle from the facility if they pay according to the charges disclosed to them before repairs. Auto repair shops have to, by law, post consumer rights at a place where they are easily visible. The post should tell the consumers that they are liable to a face-to-face contact, a written estimate for repairs costing over $100.There are many other laws which prohibit the repair shops to perform unlawful practices. An automotive attorney can guide the technicians and repair shops about other laws. These include guiding them about laws relating to non-business hours and unforeseen repairs.